How Does our Telemarketing Work?

Appointment Setting Process

Once we have identified your target market, either through the data you have provided or that we have sourced, we will start to make calls, qualifying the target customer and identifying the decision maker, extracting an email address for that person. We will then send a marketing email to them, which you have provided, explaining why we would like to talk to them and preparing them for a follow up call a couple of days later. We will then call the decision maker, referencing our previous discussions and the email, qualify the situation further and ask for an appointment.

Every time an appointment is booked for you, you will receive an email, providing you with full details of the appointment. The customer you are going to see will also receive an email confirm the appointment and they will receive an agenda for the meeting, explaining why you will be there and what you would like to discuss. This will ensure you have a customer who is fully prepared for the meeting, giving you the maximum opportunity to convert it.

Our Goals for your Project

We will agree the goals for your project with you, taking into account the market you are looking to target, the number of calls we can do each week, our anticipated conversion rates and the number of appointments you can attend.

Appointment Types

There are 3 types of appointments that we set for our clients, depending on your needs:

  • A fully qualified appointment where the needs of the customer are clearly set out and there is a definite chance of you converting the appointment to confirmed business at that point.
  • A fully qualified appointment where there may be an opportunity for you to do business either now or in the future. The customer will be in need of services like yours but they may be dealing with another supplier currently, but they are open minded to discussing your services as an alternative.
  • An appointment with someone who could potentially buy your services and they are interested in meeting you to find out more about your offering.

Project Hours Available

Projects start at 2 hours a week but up to 10 hours a week can be accommodated.

Contract Terms

Project contracts run for a minimum of 13 weeks. This is to enable our team to build strong relationships with your prospects and to fully qualify the appointment, ensuring that you have the maximum opportunity to close business.

We always find the success of the campaign accelerates in the last 8 weeks of the project because we are able to persist in contacting all prospects until they turn to an appointment opportunity.

Data Provision

You have three options for data provision:

  • Provide your own data in an excel spread sheet.
  • Instruct us as to the sectors or specific businesses you want an appointment with and we will research the data. This does slow down the calling process but saves on the cost of purchasing data.
  • We can put you in touch with an excellent data provider who will help you build your list. This costs approximately £300 + VAT per 1000 fully qualified, researched and fresh leads.

Next Steps and Information Required

In order to proceed with your project, we need to know how many hours you would like us to call for you each week and which sector or businesses you wish us to target. In addition, we will need an email address, branded in the same way as yours, but preferably using the prefix ‘marketing@’.

We will also need a briefing from you to your telemarketer to help them fully understand your requirements and to start the communication process between us which is so important to the success of your campaign.


Our pricing structures are individual to every contract. Contact us to find our more.