5 Top Tips for Following up Sales & Boosting Customers’ Value in Your Business

Closing the first sale with a new customer is really only the start of what should be a much bigger story.  You want the entire customer experience to be positive to ensure you will be their first choice next time.  So it goes without saying, having a strategy for following up each sale is an important aspect of cultivating repeat business.  Good continued customer service is key, striking the balance between continuity of relationship and avoiding becoming an irritation. So what can you do to achieve this?

Ask for feedback

A standard customer survey can be an effective way of measuring their experience, providing valuable insight in to topics of conversation for future interactions and ways to build on your professional relationship. Better still, if they would be happy to provide you with a written testimonial that you can share with new prospects and through digital marketing, this can aid in you gaining new business.

Timing is Everything

Think about how the customer will be using your product or service to plan the best times to follow up and stay in contact with them. Scheduling your interactions ahead of time will provide you with a strategy for continuity that will protect the customer form receiving too many unwanted calls but is also consistent enough to enable you to be reactive to their needs in the future.

Take notes during each interaction

If possible, make as many notes during each call as you can, you will want to remember as much of what is said as possible to provide topics of conversation for the next call.  Perhaps the company is planning an open day or family event. Or maybe they’re pulling out all the stops to deliver on an important contract of their own.  Even if it’s not business related, make a note of it. Maybe they’re getting married, sending a child off to university or moving home.  It’s sometimes your interest in the little things and attention to the small details that will build upon how strongly your customer feels valued by you.

Observe the External Influences on their Business

Every company is affected by seasonal changes, events in the local community, etc. and it is possible that theirs would affected at different times and in different ways to yours. It therefore makes good sense to put yourself in their shoes and anticipate the times when they will be in need.  Timing your calls around these external influences will allow you to easily position yourself to close on additional sales.

Be their Champion!

Keeping your business relationship strong doesn’t all have to be about sales calls. Making referrals to potential new clients for them and following and interacting on social media will demonstrate your value in their business, keeping you in high regard.